At 100 DAILY, our mission is to help everyone Live Healthy and Stay Healthy. So do that, we need your help! We're looking for ambitious and passionate influencers, bloggers, health experts, and enthusiasts to share the benefits of 100 DAILY!

If you enjoy encouraging others and want to motivate people to be healthy, then reach out to us about a partnership opportunity! Please review our programs below, and if interested, email us at 


If you are an influencer, run a blog, or just love sales and marketing, then you can become an affiliate and earn commissions. After registering, and once approved, you will receive a unique tracking link to promote online. When your website visitor clicks the link and makes a purchase on 100 DAILY, the transaction is tracked, and you will receive a commission.  Also, if interested, we have an opportunity to build a team of Affiliates and receive commissions on all of their business as well.


We welcome all social media influencers advocating for better health on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or any other platform. There is no minimum follower or subscriber count to qualify. We are also happy to get creative in co-branding content by sponsoring events and more. Get paid for sponsored content or try any number of things to get compensated for promoting 100 DAILY, all while helping people to live healthy and stay healthy!


Want to be a brand ambassador? We love working with nutritionists, doctors, fitness gurus or anyone in the health and wellness industry looking for products to recommend. If you are looking for a product that will sell itself to your network or fan base, then you would be ideal for this position. Feel free to contact us so that we can get you started right away.