How to Become an Affiliate

(This Affiliate program is currently available to US residents only)

100 Daily Affiliate Marketing Program


There are 2 ways to earn income:

1) Direct product sales: Using Your Referral Link

a. Earn $15 per subscription per month
b. Example:
    100 Subscriptions
    x $15/Subscription
    $1,500/month commission

2) Team commission: Using your Network Link

a. Earn $3 Override on all direct team members subscriptions per month.
b. Example:
    5 Team members with a total of 250 subscriptions 250 Total Team Subscriptions
    X $3/Subscription
    $750/month commission

3) Total commissions combined:

    $1,500/Direct Product Sales
    + $750/Team Commission
    $2,250/Total commission/month

*** Commissions are paid out for as long as the customer’s subscription is in good standing.

*** Any returns or cancellations will result in a chargeback. It will automatically be deducted from commissions.

*** (Results and commissioners may vary)